Hello from Lottie's Bakehouse!

It has been an exciting few months, busy working behind the scenes in the bakehouse to bring Lottie's Bakehouse to life!  Lottie's Bakehouse is the new name for Mummy Bakes, started because Lottie was diagnosed coeliac, and it is rubbish...especially for a little girl.  

She is amazing though, always asking and checking what is suitable when we are out, accepting what she cannot have (most of the time) and making sure people know why she is asking.

So I started to bake, and over the last few years it has gone from an occasional cake or dessert to a full time job with premises, a growing list of customers and plans to expand even further.

Over the next few months the Lottie's Bakehouse range will grow, offering even more choice of delicious cakes and sweet bakes to our customers.

 Marianne xx

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